Jeff The Killer

Hello people I guess you like your sense of fear!!  

Jeff the killer description

July 18, 2015

If you enjoy the scary game niche, then this is a game for you. In Jeff the Killer, I loud scream wakes you up one night. There is a killer on the loose in your house, and you have to survive. This game is not for those with weak constitutions, or the faint of heart, or for children. And if played in public, you ought to turn down the volume to not scare the people in your vicinity. This indie game was rated the most horrifying game of 2012.

This is a first-person style game, where you can navigate the house, choose places to hide, and see Jeff the Killer face to face. That pale, haunting face with dark eyes sunk in and a mouth too wide to be human. And those predatory teeth. Not an easy image to sleep with. Your goal is to survive the night in a dark, and very creepy house, complete with bloodstains and a serial killer. You can hide under the bed or in the closet. Or you can take a more proactive approach and make a run for it. Either way, you never know when the killer is lurking just ahead, or behind, in the shadows.

Sound Effects
A quick side note regarding the sounds of this game. What Jeff the Killer may lack in graphics, it makes up for in music and sound effects. The creepy music and background sounds will make your hair stand on end. And the blood-curdling screams will make you jump. The sounds of this game make it seem as if you are really there.
In conclusion, this game is very creepy. If horror games are your thing, and you like to stand on the edge of fear, give this game a try. Play it alone, in the dark, around midnight. I dare you. Or you can just go to sleep...